History of AC DESIGN

In 1999, the company "Hatuk santechmontage" was founded, represented by director Meruzhan Rafayelyan. Over the years, the company is divided according to specializations in order to specialize in different fields and to be in leading positions in the market. "AC Design Engineering" LLC represented by co-founders Tsolak Harutyunyan and Azat Rafaelyan, starting from 2019 engages in assembly and design activities, developing and expanding the circle of partners and customers. We constantly follow the current requirements of the professional field and the trends of change and development of these requirements. We provide only high quality service and find the most effective professional solutions. We consider the development of our specialists and the introduction of innovative trends in our work to be of primary importance. We emphasize the improvement of working conditions, the creation of a comfortable environment and atmosphere

AC Design
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Our organization employs the best specialists of the field in Armenia

Tsolak Harutyunyan


Samvel Paronyants

Engineering team leader

Hayk Gasparyan


Karen Virabyan


Myasnik Petrosyan


Vahagn Hovhannisyan


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